The Stroopie Story

The Stroopie Co. was founded by Ed McManness and Dan Perryman in 2008. It was during frequent trips to Europe from Indonesia that Ed’s family started enjoying the delicious Dutch Stroopwafel, always served with a hot drink in canal side cafes. The kids loved them too as an afternoon snack, or morning treat! The McManness Family bought packs and packs of the Stroopies back to the USA or Indonesia as gifts to friends and family. Everyone loved them and wondered where they could get more! So it was decided that it was time to bring one of the best dessert cookie experiences in Europe to the USA. In 2007, Dan’s family moved east from Las Vegas to work with Ed to launch the The Stroopie Co.

Since the very beginning The Stroopie Co. has had two main goals: 1) To support refugees who are starting over in Lancaster by providing meaningful employment. 2) To make high quality Stroopies to sell in Lancaster and all over the US. Currently, there are 60 million refugees world wide who have been forced to flee their countries due to war, natural disasters, and drought. Each year our beautiful city of Lancaster, invites approx. 1,000 of these dear folks to get re-established in our area. In addition to the turbulent and often-traumatic path to come to the United States, many refugees face a difficult time finding employment once they are resettled in Lancaster due to language and cultural barriers.   Watch this video about The Stroopie Co. and other social enterprises in Lancaster.


Currently, The Stroopie Co. makes an average of 3,000 Stroopies each week. The companies goal is to scale to have more impact and create more meaningful jobs for refugees in the Lancaster area. It is viewed as success to have refugee employees either move up in leadership positions in the company, or equal success if the Stroopie Co. is used as a spring board to leap into other occupations after acclimating to the culture and language. To help accomplish this goal, refugee employees working in The Stroopie Co. are offered an English class taught by a certified ESL teacher after lunch as a benefit. Our vision of success: To give refugees meaningful employment in The Stroopie Co while producing great products in a growing business!

Our vision of success: To give refugees meaningful employment in The Stroopie Co while producing great products in a growing business!

So what is a Stroopie? A Stroopie is a Dutch stroopwafel, that is made locally in Lancaster. It is a cinnamon cookie, made with a waffle iron with a layer of homemade caramel in the inside. Traditionally, the Stroopie is placed on top of your hot beverage to rewarm. It is also great with ice cream! Some of our Stroopies are half-dipped in Wilbur Chocolate. Other varieties include specialty dipped chocolate with pecan and espresso and a gluten-free line. Stroopies are hand-made with local ingredients from companies that are committed to being socially responsible.

In 2010, Jonathan & Jennie joined the stroopie family with a heart to continue to see the business grow & expand in the U.S. to have more impact for the refugee community resettling in Lancaster.  Jonathan grew up working in his family’s business, Groff’s Candies. With his background working with sweets, diving into the “stroopie world” was a good fit.

This video was made as a part of our participation in The Great Social Enterprise Pitch. To learn more about our big win, click here.


Jonathan & Jennie Groff


We are a husband and wife team, married 17 wonderful years, and have 4 beautiful children. Our home is on Old Dorwart St., Lancaster City, a diverse neighborhood where we have the nations of the world as our neighbors. We are delighted that several of our employees at the Stroopie Co. (past and present)are refugees that resettled in our neighborhood. Our passion in life is to do everything we do as worship to God and to love our neighbors well!

Adrianne Stutzman


 I have absolutely loved and feel very privileged to be a part of such an awesome company!  My love for the international community began very early in life, and I have been so blessed to be the recipient of tremendous hospitality both stateside and in long-term assignments abroad.  As I have been blessed, so I strive to show others the same hospitality. When not at work, I enjoy gardening, eating food, and canoeing with my hubby.

Mary Myint

Expert Stroopiemaker

My name is Mary and I'm from Myanmar.  I got married in Myanmar in 2009.  I have two children.  The children were born in Malaysia. My family came to the USA in 2013.  I started working for The Stroopie Co. in 2015.  I like my job because my schedule is nice for my children.  When we lived in Myanmar and Malaysia, we were scared of the police.  In the USA all the people are equal, so my family loves the USA.

* Several employees are not listed due to privacy/security reasons *


Ed McManness

Part Owner

Dan Perryman

Part Owner

Matt McManness

Part Owner